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↳ sooo thanks to Featurepoints I can actually now afford to giveaway the extra costume I was going to sell (more on that here) so I can do another giveaway to thank you lovely angelcakes. Here we go!

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  • ENDS OCTOBER 20, 2014


I’m really looking to downsize my pin collection. I’m willing to trade several for one pin. I mainly collect princess and the Frog, rapunzel, lilo and stitch, and princesses
The cinderella keyhole is an le 250, lilo and stitch with the shades is a cast exclusive, the stained glass angel and mystic Manor are Hong Kong exclusives

Message me with pretty much any offer

Hiya!!! I LOVE your Disney Princess pin on pin that opens, the Olaf pin, the Belle frame, the Cinderella high heel, the gold Mickey head silhouette in second picture, the pin if Ariel in her teal dress, the Cinderella key hole, the Angel from Lilo and Stitch pin, and the Belle, Ariel and Snow White that are from the set with Mulan (but not Mulan because I already have her). Are any of those lovely pins still available?? Would you mind checking out my traders and getting back to me?? :-D
  • Track Name

    We've Come So Far

  • Album

    Space Mountain post-show

  • Artist

    Cheesy Late 80s Disney Power Duet


In 1989, WDW’s Space Mountain received an extensive refurb that included a new fleet of trains, a brand new post-show, and, perhaps most famously, the current much-beloeved Star Tunnel music. What’s less well known, though, is that this song (actually named “Promising Tomorrows (We’ve Come So Far)”) actually has lyrics! This version played during the exit speedramp as guests passed through the new post-show.

it’s beautiful 

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